Grease Trap & Liquid Waste Pumping

Looking for plumbers to tackle jobs related to your grease trap and liquid waste systems companies in Los Angeles or neighboring cities? Rooter Experts provides grease trap and liquid waste systems that compete with any of the best commercial plumbing businesses around the greater Los Angeles community at aggressive rates.

Grease trap and liquid waste systems exist in many industrial settings, but particularly commercial buildings like restaurants. Call Rooter Experts to handle any plumbing issues related to your grease trap, or drain cleaning for any large floor or kitchen drains that may be exposed to grease frequently enough to cause issues with buildup in your plumbing system. We’ve got the tools to make sure your plumbing system’s running perfectly and can also handle any repairs, replacements, or installations for situations like remodels or new construction.

Plumbing Agencies in Los Angeles County

Rooter Experts provides expert industrial plumbing services to just about every city within the greater Los Angeles community. Rooter Experts provides a full line of business-related plumbing services to help companies or restaurants reduce plumbing expenditures. These include preventative measures that can help your building steer clear of costly maintenance in the future.

Don’t get worked over by dishonest plumbing companies! Call up Rooter Experts today for all of your emergency, basic servicing, appliance installing or long-term plumbing related needs!

Working Hard to Establish a Commercial Plumbing Partnership

Your Los Angeles business needs a commercial plumber as much as you need an insurance provider and shipping company. Rooter Experts offer commercial services to Southern California businesses, including drain care programs, industrial equipment services, chilled water systems, and trenchless inliner. Our main goal is to establish a working relationship that will make you select our business for future plumbing complications.

Whether you need emergency plumbing or regularly scheduled maintenance, Rooter Experts promises great rates and a hard-working staff. Contact us to discuss options for yearly, bi-yearly, or quarterly complete commercial plumbing maintenance visits.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Reliable
  • Prompt, On Time Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Customer Service That Puts You First
  • Expert Knowledge with Decades of Experience