Industrial Equipment Services

Looking for industrial equipment services in Los Angeles and the bordering cities? Rooter Experts can provide expert plumbing services related to industrial equipment at reasonable rates. If you need to find one of the best commercial or industrial plumbing providers in Los Angeles, look no further!

Industrial equipment repair can mean just about anything; many plants and large commercial buildings incorporate unusual water systems for various applications. If it has pipes and uses water, trust Rooter Experts to provide excellent service, repair, or installations! Call us today!

Los Angeles County Industrial Plumbing Technicians

Rooter Experts sends plumbers to companies all over Los Angeles. With Rooter Experts, our commercial plumbing services are always reliable and up to the quality standards of the finest Los Angeles area plumbing providers. Rooter Experts offers excellent commercial, restaurant, or industrial plumbing services that will help save your company from costly repairs in the future by taking preventative measures now.

Don’t put up with untrustworthy plumbing companies! Contact Rooter Experts instead to receive top notch-quality plumbers, no matter what kind of service you require. We deliver some of the very best in commercial plumbing, restaurant plumbing, kitchen appliance installs and emergency service.

Set Up Yearly Plumbing Service Appointments

Part of running a successful company is identifying potential harms and preventing them from happening. One area to fear is plumbing issues. Consider questions like:

  • If you have to shut down your public restrooms, will you deter customers from shopping?
  • If your grease traps get clogged, will you need to close your restaurant’s kitchen?
  • If backflow causes your bathroom toilets to smell, can you still host that client meeting?

Thankfuly, Rooter Experts provides commercial plumbing services that include thorough grease trap cleaning, complete water systems servicing, backflow prevention, and sewer line replacement.

Call us to set up a yearly or bi-yearly meeting where we inspect your pipes and water systems to prevent problems from arising. And we are always available if an emergency strikes.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Reliable
  • Prompt, On Time Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Customer Service That Puts You First
  • Expert Knowledge with Decades of Experience