How HydroJetting Services Work

If you have dealt with a clogged drain that needed cleaning in the recent past, you may have stumbled upon the phrase “HydroJetting.” Initially, that name sounds like some sort of awesome new watercraft, but it is actually a tool that plumbers use for drain cleaning. But what exactly does HydroJetting do?

Well, it is not what it does that is important; it’s what it does better than other drain cleaning tools that counts. Here is a brief rundown of the various methods which Los Angeles plumbing companies use to unclog pipes.

What Causes Pipe Clogs?

To start, let me mention the two ways that pipes typically get clogged; all-at-once or gradually over time.

First of all, there is the scenario where the toddler waddles to the bathroom, unravels all the toilet paper, and flushes it, shutting off the flow of water. It is actually less common for a clog to be caused by one giant mess, and usually requires someone to be draining a substance they shouldn’t be.

The second, more common scenario is that a woman (or long-haired man) is brushing hair in the, with long strands circling the drain. Some of these get stuck to gunk on the sides of the pipes, causing more to stick, until a whole nest of hair has accumulated. Suddenly and unexpectedly, your water isn’t draining properly.

Now that you have recognized the dilemma, you need drain cleaning services.

Traditional Drain Cleaning Methods

Traditional drain cleaning services were comprised of two efficient, yet flawed methods: chemicals and physical force.

Your first response is to try chemical solutions designed to dissolve the blockage and re-allow water flow. They are easy to use: just unscrew the cap and pour down the drain.

The problem is that the chemicals can be very bad for the environment and they are often not strong enough to fully remove the problem, so you just have to repeat this action every month or two. When you become fed-up with this routine, you will undoubtedly try to remove it by force.

The force method involves hiring a plumber to visit your residence or simply buying the plumber’s snake yourself. A plumber’s snake is a long cable that is used to physically dislodge and clog in a drain. Easy to use, but again comes with a catch.

The problems arise when the blockage is two deep for the snake, which is typically 25 feet long. If you bought one yourself, you may also chip or scrape your porcelain with the unwieldy tool. And even if you are successful, sometimes excess material is left stuck to the pipe, creating the need for further drain cleaning in the future.

What is the solution to this dilemma?!

HydroJetting: New Age Plumbing Technology

HydroJetting services are simple, safe, and efficient ways to remove clogs. Much like a plumber’s snake, HydroJetting requires that a long hose be inserted into the drain and fed down the pipe. But unlike the snake, the HydroJetting machine uses a heavy duty water spray rather than brute force, similar to a power washer.

The jets of water not only wash away the blockage, but it also cleans the sides of the pipe, because they spray in multiple directions simultaneously. This method is safer for the environment, better for porcelain, and eliminates future clog risks. Overall, you cannot ask for a better drain cleaning service than HydroJetting.