Fourth of July Plumbing Tips

Planning a big party for the Fourth of July? Before you invite over guests and fire up the grill, you may want to check on your plumbing first.

Here are some tips to make the 4th a blast!

1) Inspect your toilet

You are going to need your toilet fully operational if you are inviting over guests. Before the party, check for these warning signs of a leak:

  • Need to jiggle the handle for proper flushing
  • Weird sounds
  • Having to hold down handle to complete flush
  • Water pooling on ground
  • Phantom flusher

You can search for some solutions online or call over a handy Los Angeles plumbing company to provide assistance .

2) Don’t use garbage disposal as a waste receptacle

Too many people try to save time by throwing food scraps into the garbage disposal, causing a clog. In reality, the disposal should only be used in extreme measures, but people will chop vegetables and toss the rinds down the hole without even flipping the shred switch.

Avoid throwing these items down the disposal:

  • Stringy vegetables, like celery, that can get tangled around blades
  • Hard foods, like corn rinds, that can damage disposal
  • Grease, fats, and oils, which congeal in the pipes and cause serious clogs
  • Non-compostable items, like plastic utensils, which need proper removal

3) Check your outdoor water pressure

If you plan to light off fireworks, which we DO NOT recommend or condone, you will want to make sure that you have an emergency extinguishing system. If you don’t own an extinguisher, your water hose is a viable substitute. We suggest placing a nozzle on the hose, so that you can increase the pressure and range. Again, do this at your own risk.

Have a Happy Fourth!

World Toilet Day Becoming an Official UN Holiday

November 19th has been “World Toilet Day” for a few years, but it is about to become recognized by the United Nations as an official holiday.

While the toilet might not seem worthy of having its own holiday, think about how often you use it. The toilet is fundamental in maintaining sanitation standards in modern society and is one of the key contributors in reducing exposure to infectious and harmful diseases.

Check out this fun, interactive website for more details and don’t forget to celebrate next month, on November 19th:

Find DIY Plumbing Tips

At Rooter Experts, we offer plenty of Do-It-Yourself tips in our blog to make maintaining your bathrooms easier and less expensive.

If you are looking for another source, then check out DIY Network’s webpage dedicated to plumbing tips and tricks . This site is perfect for casual and hardcore DIYers, alike.

We highly recommend this website- it is professional, informative, and the steps are easy-to-follow. Click on the link above and let us know what you think.

Could Bad Plumbing Bring the NFL to LA?

A few weeks ago, the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners ballplayers were disturbed by overflowing toilets spilling out into the dugout. The players were forced to elevate their feet or stand on the top step to avoid the mess, as covered in this Los Angeles Times article .

The Oakland Coliseum is home to both the Athletics and Raiders: the only remaining dual-purpose stadium. As long as the Athletics are still in contention, the Raiders field must include the outline of infield dirt and artificial turf.

There are additional concerns about the Coliseum , which was built during an era when form very distantly followed function.

Fortunately, the Raiders lease ends after this season and their owner, Mark Davis, does not want to sign another short-term deal. He has looked into getting a new stadium and even considered moving the team.

One of the most promising cities is Los Angeles, the second biggest media market in America and a city where the Raiders were briefly located.

So could bad plumbing and clogged toilets be the straw that broke the camel’s back? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Best 5 Toilet Scenes in TV and Movies

This list is exactly what it sounds like: the best scenes in TV and film that take place in front of, on top of, or near a toilet.

5) All in the Family

Did you know that the first person to flush a toilet on primetime television was Archie Bunker? That’s right, this now classic and wholesome TV was a bit controversial when it debuted in 1970. We can thank this innocuous moment for the other entries on the list.

4) Lethal Weapon II

Talk about sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense! For those who have never watched this movie, Detective Murtaugh realizes that a bomb has been wired to explode as soon as he gets off the toilet. Unable to disable it, his partner, Martin Riggs, comes up with a creative plan to save their lives…

3) Dumb and Dumber

Although they have been focused on more prestigious roles as of late, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels recently agreed to reprise their roles as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in an upcoming sequel. Until then, we will have to be satisfied with this hilarious scene after Harry drinks tea laced with laxatives and uses a broken toilet.

2) There’s Something About Mary

“We got a bleeder!”

This scene will forever make men cautious when zipping up their fly. If you decide to look up this clip on YouTube (and it is there), be warned that it is NSFW.

1) Breaking Bad

This scene from season 5 is when Hank reads Gale’s inscription and (SPOILER ALERT) realizes that Walt is Heisenberg. That’s some intense bathroom literature!

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Plumbing Myths: Do Snakes Really Come Out of Toilets?

Everyone has heard the story about the guy who buys the baby alligator and flushes it down the toilet when it starts getting too big, just to have it come back an attack him when it is full grown.

This tale has been pretty soundly proven to be an urban legend. Sewers are too toxic for survival and do not contain enough food for a creature as large as an alligator.

But what about snakes? Could a snake come out of the toilet?

A Nightmare Becomes Reality

As it turns out, yes; snakes have been confirmed to crawl out of toilet bowls. Recently.

Just this week, a man in Israel was using the john when a snake crept out of the bowl and bit his… uh… privates. Luckily, the snake bite was not poisonous and the man will recover, but the bite should leave behind a lasting mark.

And this isn’t even the first reported case. A year ago, in New York, a man was brushing his teeth and looked over at the toilet when he thought he spotted something moving. Horrified, he realized it was a snake coming out of the hole.

The man called his super, who called a plumbing company, who sent a plumber to handle the situation. The plumber tried to gently pull the snake out, moving it inch by inch, until it was free. Afterwards, he placed it in a cooler, where it was measured at four feet long! They brought it to a Manhattan snake sanctuary.

How do snakes get into toilets? And how can I prevent it?!

Although there are multiple accounts of snakes in toilets (and rats, too), they are still extremely rare. It doesn’t appear to be something you can control, but is also not something to get overly worried about.

The most common cause is a snake somehow sneaking into the plumbing, possibly by crawling into a different toilet bowl, where they make their way through the pipes and emerge from another hole. It is unsure how the Israeli snake got into the bowl, but the one in New York was a California Kingsnake, a common pet that probably belonged to another tenant.

Let Rooter Experts Help!

If you call us to respond to a plumbing incident with your toilet, we will give it a complimentary animal inspection to make sure you are safe. Nobody wants a critter interrupting their private time!

History Lesson: Plumbing in America

In honor of the Fourth of July, this article will briefly review how plumbing has evolved in the United States of America.

Early settlers in the U.S. copied the Native Americans and used running water or secluded areas to dispose of waste. Unlike the crowded cities of Europe, America had plenty of space to ditch your excrement.

When cities did begin to rise up, settlers followed the European tradition of throwing waste and garbage out onto the street. The earliest garbage collectors were wild animals who would take the waste away.

The early 1800s saw the outhouse, called a “privy,” replace the chamber pot as the main means of bathroom use. But they were little more than a hole in the ground surrounded by four walls.

In 1829 the Tremont Hotel in Boston became the first hotel with indoor plumbing. It would be the pillar for first-class living in America.

Early pipes were made from hollow wood, which was a bountiful resource in early colonial times. This material was obviously not ideal for the job- it would often rot, sag, get infest with bugs, and taste woody. These pipes were crucial for firefighters, as a house fire could quickly spread throughout a neighborhood.

In 1804, Philadelphia became the first city in the world to use cast iron piping, developing one of the largest and most complex plumbing systems in existence.

Chicago made world news in 1869 with its revolutionary design for a twin-tunnel system that drew water from Lake Michigan. The tower survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and still stands today, although greatly modernized.

Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Franklin is rumored to be the first person to import a bathtub to America. The simple design was made of sheet copper, shaped like a shoe, and exported from France.

Near the end of the 19th century, America toilets began to equal, and even surpass, European models. They were far more sanitary and featured primitive flushing systems. The next challenge was convincing people to buy American toilets instead of the European products. This was accomplished by decorating the bowls with hand-painted designs and etchings.

Further developments included the shift to copper piping and later plastic piping, the increased understanding of germs and sanitation, and the expansion of public facilities to match the continued growth of building s and cities in America.

Hope this was an informative History Lesson!

Avoid These 5 Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer is a very social time of year. Everyone is outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, and wants to invite others to share in the good times. Of course, having more guests over can increase the workload of your plumbing. Here are some common plumbing problems, along with ways to avoid and rectify them.

1) Clogged Garbage Disposal

Summertime means an increase in outdoor barbequing. With a full party of guests, the hosts will be rushing around, preparing food. This often leads to throwing food scraps down the drain, rather than the garbage.

Hard foods, like corn cobs and watermelon rinds, are especially harmful. They can damage the blades of the garbage disposal. Oils, grease, and fat can also be bad by causing clogs.

Take your time to properly dispose of food waste and preserve your sink’s plumbing.

2) Toilets Getting Clogged

With extra house guests and kids out of school, your toilet will be working overtime. Make sure it is properly draining and immediately call a Los Angeles plumber if it gets plugged up.

3) Washing Machines Break Down

Can you believe how messy kids are? With the sun out, they are more prone to get dirt, blood, food, juice, and water on their clothes. If your washing machine could talk, it would beg you to take it easy. Run larger loads to conserve water, but don’t pack them too full. Move the machine to make sure none of your lines are leaking.

4) Increased Water Bills

The heat causes people to drink and use more water in the summer. You can keep your water bills in check by making sure that it gets turned off when not in use, which includes shutting off sprinklers and water hoses. Get your children in the habit of shutting off the outdoor hose after they are done playing.

5) Water is Too Hot

One common issue homeowners face is that their water heater is turned up too high. Make sure yours is below 120 degrees-Fahrenheit; that is plenty warm for tap water and showers.

Follow these tips and have a pleasant summer!

Celebrate Earth Day with These 5 Green Plumbing Tips

Today is Earth Day, when we celebrate the beautiful planet that we live on. We often take our world for granted, not respecting the gifts that Mother Nature gives us on a daily basis.

Within the past few decades, humans have begun to realize that our industrial output is harming the planet and have taken steps to reduce the damage. You can contribute to the green movement by following these 5 simple plumbing tips to reduce waste.

1) Fix Leaks: Did you know that a single leaky faucet can waste 20 gallons of water per day? Checking for leaks will help reduce your bill, as well as saving the earth.

2) Install Low Flow Toilets: Newer toilet models are designed to decrease water useage. Many even feature full and half flush options.

3) Tankless Water Heaters: Traditional tank heaters are inefficient because they require constant energy flow to keep the water tank warm. Tankless models heat the water as it is needed.

4) New Shower Heads and Faucets: Like toilets, these new devices reduce the amount of necessary water to take a shower or wash your hands.

5) Only Run Full Loads of Laundry: You can save water by only running your washing machine when it is full. A washing machine uses about 12 gallons of water for each load, regardless of how full it is, so limiting loads reduces water consumption.