Advantages of Going Tankless

I come from a big family. It was my three siblings, my parents, and myself all living under a roof when I was in high school. This situation worked out all right for the most part, except in a few scenarios where there just wasn’t enough space or resources. One such situation was in the shower.

We’ve all had it happen. You are rinsing off in the morning, letting the warm water wash away the sleepiness, when suddenly a burst of freezing water makes you jump out of your skin. You hop up and down, trying to simultaneously reposition the shower head, turn up the knob, and get out of the stream, all while not slipping. For me, it was the result of four or five other people showering before me.

Luckily, there is now an option that can prevent you from doing the cold shower dance: tankless water heating. Let me review all you need to know about this terrific invention.

Tankless vs. Normal Water Heater

A normal water heater is a large, cylindrical tank that stores warm water, typically located in the basement. This means that as soon as the tank runs out of hot water, it must be refilled and rewarmed, a process that takes a while.

A tankless water heater, on the other hand, utilizes heated coils that warm the water as it passes through. Instead of storing warm water, it heats the water as it becomes necessary.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Installation

Along with the benefits of having warm water whenever it is needed, tankless water heater installation has other perks as well.

For one thing, a tankless water heater is more energy efficient than a tank. This helps the environment, but it also helps reduce your utilities bills.

Another benefit is the extra space you will have. Property in Los Angeles is expensive, so having additional storage room in your basement from removing that large, clunky tank will do wonders for your living arrangement.

Los Angeles Plumbing Company

If my testimonial has convinced you to get tankless water heater installation, contact Rooter Experts. Our top-notch Los Angeles plumbing company can quickly set you up with a new model to keep your showers warm and help you save some money.