A Plumber’s Rant: The Rain Flooding in LA

There has been a recent upswing in rainfall in Los Angeles for the past few weeks, and I think we all know what that means: flooding.

People like to blame the city planners or the government for having a bad sense of how to drain the water, but I think that is short changing them. LA is beautiful about 99% of the year, and then it floods like its biblical times.

Let’s create a metaphor. If you had a recipe for delicious meal, but you knew that 1/100 times it burned, would that stop you from making that particular dish? No! You would take your chances and 99% of the time come out with scrumptious cuisine that everyone loved and devoured every last bite of (except for the smog).

Basically, as a citizen of this American paradise (minus the traffic), we have to settle for the fact that we occasionally have to deal with the rain causing flooding. But think about it this way; at least we’re not Seattle.

Los Angeles Plumbing Company

So what does this mini-rant mean? Well, just because we have to accept the rain, doesn’t mean we have to let it destroy our homes.

For whatever reason and whoever is to blame, Los Angeles drains are solid as a condom, making its streets overflow. This then causes the sewers to overflow, which dumps tainted water, which then ends up seeping into basements.

It is crucial (and by “crucial” I mean you don’t want feces soaking into your carpet) to have your pipes regularly inspected and cleaned. Because the rain in LA is about as predictable as an Ervin Santana start, you need to plan this regularly.

Call Rooter Experts, your local Los Angeles Plumbing Company for more details and to get an estimate. Sewage water has contaminates that can make you ill, so it is best to take care of your family’s health. Contact us today with any questions.

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