Do-It-Yourself: 5 Money-Saving Plumbing Techniques

We know that plumbing fees can be costly, so we have collected a few ideas that will help reduce your bills and protect you from further damage.

1) Put ice cubes in disposal: Ice and soap will clean your disposal blades, as well as sharpen the edges. It may be noisy, but it is effective.

2) Don’t buy urinal cakes or in-tank cleaners: These scented items are supposed to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean the bowl, but are they worth it? Vinegar is a fine alternative that most people already have at home and these items actually get stuck in pipes and cause clogs.

3) Wipe down faucets: Water corrodes metal. Everyone knows this, but assume it doesn’t apply to sink faucets. Spending an extra ten seconds to dry your faucet and handles if they get wet or soapy will save you money from replacing them down the line.

4) Check your plumbing on a regular basis: Make sure the toilet is properly flushing and drains are letting water exit. This saves money over the long-term, when problems grow bigger.

5) Don’t purchase warranties on cheap products: If you are cutting costs by buying a lesser-quality item, don’t get the warranty on it. You know it will break, but probably not until the warranty expires. Either spend more money on the best piece you can or simply expect to replace the bad product down the road when it breaks.

Hopefully these help cut back on plumbing needs, while also saving you some dough.