November 19th is World Toilet Day!

Today is World Toilet Day! It is a day to celebrate one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the toilet- aka the John, the can, the bowl, the porcelain throne, the head, el bano, or the pot.

It might sound like a silly commemoration, but there is a serious side to this holiday as well. Around 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to clean or sanitary toilets, putting their health at risk. Combined with overpopulation, that forces 1.1 billion people to defecate in public, in a field, bush, or plastic bag, rather than the privacy of a bathroom.

Additionally, toilets that are clean and bathrooms that are safe increase the likelihood that a girl will stay in school. Between menstruation and waste removal, girls require sanitary conditions and many young females drop out of school in third world countries for this reason.

In America, we often take our toilet for granted. Did you know that you’re only supposed to flush human waste and toilet paper, yet most humans use it as an extra garbage can? Stop abusing your John with these other tips to keep your toilet operational . On Worold Toilet Day, you owe it to those who are less fortunate.

If you would like to learn more about World Toilet Day and find out how you can contribute to relief efforts, follow this link:

Today, let’s all recognize how much easier our lives are due to this seemingly innocuous, everyday invention.