Decorate Your Toilet Like a Christmas Tree and Other Bathroom Tips!

There is an old joke that a dog sees his owner decorating the Christmas tree and thinks, “Finally! Indoor plumbing!”

Now hopefully your pup won’t make that mistake, but we do have some tips to make your bathroom more festive.

Christmas has more decorations than any other holiday (although Halloween and 4th of July might have a solid counter-argument), but one room that gets overlooked is the bathroom. The exterior of the house is covered in lights, the family room has the tree, and the kitchen smells like gingerbread cookies.

Meanwhile, your bathroom has the same-old scenery and scent. You walk out of a winter wonderland and into a public urinal.

That’s why we have some bathroom decorating tips to add a little flare this holiday season. Check them out!

  • Scented candles – Find aromas like pine tree, spiced apple cider, or peppermint to treat your nose to some holiday cheer.
  • Dress your toilet like a tree – You can attach a felt or paper tree to the tank with ornaments and lights. That will add some flare!
  • Shower curtain – Buy a festive shower curtain to use during the season.
  • Christmas lights – Hang a strand over your mirror.
  • TPresents – Wrap the extra toilet paper rolls in Christmas paper, so people feel like they are unwrapping a gift whenever they finish a roll.
  • Music – Play a Christmas soundtrack in your restroom.

However you choose to be merry, don’t forget about the bathroom. It should be a fun way to spice up the holidays, as long as Santa knows which tree to deliver the presents to!