Rooter to the Rescue!: The Ugly Side of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance… or at least that’s what it is supposed to be about. But last Valentine’s Day, Rooter had a different experience.

We got the call around 6 p.m. on February 14, 2012 and quickly headed over to the apartment address. The tenant buzzed up our plumber and he expected the basic clogged toilet, but was completely surprised when the door opened.

A male, around 25-year-old, was at the door, eyes red from crying. He sniffled and let in the Rooter Expert’s plumber, who said he immediately smelled a burning odor. As he was led to the bathroom, he saw a table set for a romantic candlelight dinner, except the food was spilled, plates were smashed, and the white tablecloth was scorched by the overturned candle holder.

As they neared the bathroom, he could see water stains on the carpet near the door. The tenant opened the door, and the bathroom was drowning in an inch of water, dotted with Sweethearts candies.

The plumber lifted the lid of the toilet and saw a white stuffed bear holding a heart, more candies, and roses crammed inside the bowl, which was slowly dribbling water over the rim.

The fix was relatively simple; a quick plumbers snaking got everything unclogged and operating properly, so the plumber packed up his tools and wrote up the work order.

As the tenant was signing it, still sobbing uncontrollably, our plumber couldn’t resist asking:

“So, what exactly happened here?”

“Um… well,” the tenant stuttered. “I gave my girlfriend a Valentine’s gift, and… ummm… it had the wrong name on the tag so she broke up with me.”


Hope the rest of you have a better Valentine’s Day than that!