Could Bad Plumbing Bring the NFL to LA?

A few weeks ago, the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners ballplayers were disturbed by overflowing toilets spilling out into the dugout. The players were forced to elevate their feet or stand on the top step to avoid the mess, as covered in this Los Angeles Times article .

The Oakland Coliseum is home to both the Athletics and Raiders: the only remaining dual-purpose stadium. As long as the Athletics are still in contention, the Raiders field must include the outline of infield dirt and artificial turf.

There are additional concerns about the Coliseum , which was built during an era when form very distantly followed function.

Fortunately, the Raiders lease ends after this season and their owner, Mark Davis, does not want to sign another short-term deal. He has looked into getting a new stadium and even considered moving the team.

One of the most promising cities is Los Angeles, the second biggest media market in America and a city where the Raiders were briefly located.

So could bad plumbing and clogged toilets be the straw that broke the camel’s back? We’ll just have to wait and see.