Rooter Experts Explain: What is Trenchless Inliner Service?

Every few weeks Rooter Experts likes to help explain some of our Los Angeles plumbing services to you, the customer. It is nice to know what you are paying for, what benefits it has over other procedures, and why it is necessary for your residence. We’ve already explained how HydroJetting services work , and this week we will be explaining exactly what trenchless inliner service is.

Re-Piping Services

When pipes get old, rusty, cracked, shifted out of place, or ruined in any other way that could cause leaking, they must be replaced with re-piping services . If this is behind a toilet or under a cabinet, no problem! The Los Angeles plumbing company will simply turn off the water, take out the old pipe, and put in a new one.

Now, if it is behind a wall, re-piping services are slightly more difficult, but still quite doable. Using technology, we can locate the spot of a leak, cut through the sheet rock, and replace the leak.

But what happens if the busted pipe is underground?

Trenchless Inliner Service

With years of experience in the plumbing business, we have the know-how and tools to determine the location of a busted pipe, even if it is under the soil. That is all well and fine, but you’re probably wondering how we fix the problem without tearing up your backyard; that’s where trenchless inliner services come in.

Trenchless inliner services are mean by which we can replace old pipes without having to dig up the length of the pipe, aka dig a trench. Instead, our Los Angeles plumbing team will dig two holes in the dirt along the pipe. We insert a device into one hole and drag it through the existing pipe and out through the other hole. This trenchless inliner creates a new pipe within the old one, so the flow of water does not have to be re-directed and the existing pipe can remain where it’s located. Afterwards, we simply fill back in the two holes.

Los Angeles Plumbing

Hopefully that explanation helps you to understand how trenchless inliner services work and why they are beneficial, at least if you like your yard. Call Rooter Experts if you want top-notch Los Angeles plumbing or emergency plumbing services.