Why Should I Pay for Drain Cleaning?

Some of you may be wondering, Why should I pay for drain cleaning? Couldn’t I just get a bottle of liquid plumber to clear out my clog?

This is a good question. In these times, people are less likely to waste money on things they don’t need. If you can spend a few bucks on chemicals, why hire a Los Angeles plumbing company to fix the problem?

For starters, the problem may be worse than you imagine.

Drain Cleaning

When a blockage occurs, most people start by purchasing some liquid cleaner to clear out the hair and gunk that is causing the clog. This works fine… most of the time.

In some situations, the chemical drain cleaning solution is not strong enough to fully remove the obstruction. Then, the residue left behind builds up further, creating an even worse problem down the road.

Plumber’s Snake

At this point, you will probably want to try using a plumber’s snake, which is a long retractable wire device, to remove the clog. This works well, but has additional shortcomings.

If the clog is too far down, the snake will not reach it. The plumber’s snake can also have the same problem as the chemicals, where it cannot fully remove the problem. Finally, without a trained professional, it is easy to scrape or break your porcelain.

So what do you do?


For those really tough obstructions that need the next level of drain cleaning, try HydroJetting .

HydroJetting works like a power washer that you feed down into the pipe. It sprays high-pressured water in several directions simultaneously, removing all build up from the pipe surfaces. It is environmentally safe, effective, and won’t harm your sink, toilet, or shower.

Ultimately, paying for a Los Angeles plumbing company to perform drain cleaning services is important because they will do a more thorough job, prevent future problems, and have better equipment. Consider that next time your drains aren’t draining properly.

Emergency Plumber

If you need an emergency plumber in Los Angeles to perform drain cleaning or other plumbing services, contact Rooter Experts. Our team is well-trained and professional and can handle any emergency plumbing situation you throw at us!

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