Tips From Your Local Los Angeles Plumbing Company: Cleaning Clogs

Clogs in drains, pipes and toilets are one of the most common household problems. Sometimes they are simply an annoyance, but oftentimes they lead to overflows, water damage, and an increased utilities bill. Obviously, keeping you water flowing regularly is important to prevent further problems.

In order to keep you from spending money to fix the blockage, here are some clog tips from Rooter Experts, a local Los Angeles plumbing company who’s got your back:

  • Never flush sanitary napkins, baby wipes, or thick toilet paper down the toilet. Regular toilet paper is designed to disintegrate when in contact with water, but napkins and facial tissues are not. These products can actually expand, creating a clog. Dispose of them in bio-degradable bags to prevent backing up the toilet and to be eco-friendly.
  • Hair is another source of blockage. Use hair strainers in the shower and toilet to capture long hairs.
  • Contrary to popular belief, liquid cleaning supplies can actually be harmful to your pipes. Use a plumber’s snake or plunger first, then consider calling a plumbing company.
  • Finally, when in the kitchen, never dump fat, grease, or oils down the disposal. While they are liquefied when hot, cooling down turns them into a solid that can expand and block your pipes. The best way to remove them is to pour the hot liquid into a heat-proof plastic container or metal can, wait until it solidifies, then scrape it into the garbage or compost for removal.

Hopefully these tips help you keep your pipes clear and the water flowing!