Rooter Experts Explain: Sump Pump Maintenance

To keep our customers filled in on the services we provide, our Rooter Experts Explain feature breaks down different processes. A previous article explained trenchless inliner services and today we will look at Sump Pump maintenance and installation.

What is a Sump Pump?

Right off the bat you’re probably wondering, what is a sump pump? Well that’s why we’re here to help.

A sump pump is a pump that prevents flooding in apartments, houses, and buildings. When it rains heavily, as it tends to do from time to time in Los Angeles, the poor drainage can cause backups and water finds its way into basements. This is where the real damage begins.

Flood water can destroy carpet, furniture, and other items near ground level. What a sump pump does is prevent this flooding from dealing too much damage. Instead of collection on the floor, water is directed towards a sump basin, which is basically a hole. The sump pump extracts the water from the basin, simply called a “sump,” and empties it with an appropriate means of disposal.

Where is the sump pump located?

There are two kinds of sump pumps; pedestal and submersible. Pedestal are mounted to the wall above the sump, making sump pump maintenance more convenient. Submersible have a plastic case that is water proof and are actually inside the sump basin, hidden from view.

Why should I get sump pump maintenance?

Some people have a sump pump and don’t even realize it. Seriously! Either it has broken down and the area has not flooded, or else it is working perfectly and yet the home owners are unaware of its existence. But wait until it breaks down and major flooding occurs…

The other reason to get sump pump maintenance is that sump pumps installed long ago do not properly dispose of waste. They may be causing pollution due to changes in sump pump laws, even if you don’t know about it. So contact Rooter Experts, your friendly plumber in Los Angeles , to see if you require sump pump maintenance or to get one installed.