7 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Shower Sparkle

Rooter Experts offers some tips to keep your shower and bathtub clean. This will prevent mold and bacteria from causing allergic reactions and slows down rust, which destroys piping. If you have difficulty keeping your shower clean, take a look at these tips.

1) Dry your shower after every use. This tip takes a while to get used to, but using a squeegee to remove excess wetness will stop long term damage. You can also crack a window and turn on the fan.

2) Start at the top. Whatever you preferred method of cleaning, you should start with the walls, move to the door, clear the ledges, then scrub the tub. This removes all dirt and scum, so it doesn’t fall on a clean area.

3) For an inexpensive cleaning solution, mix one part bleach to five parts warm water. This is good for tiles, ceiling, and floor. Another solution is half-cup ammonia and one gallon of water in a spray bottle. Use this with vigorous brushing to remove soap scum.

4) You can wash your shower curtain in the washing machine to save time and do a thorough job.

5) Remove hairballs from the drain and throw them in the trash. You do not want them jamming up your drain.

6) For porcelain tubs, use a damp sponge or nylon ball. Iron wool will damage the surface.

7) Always wear rubber gloves when working with dangerous chemicals, like bleach. Also, keep the doors and windows cracked open to keep the bathroom ventilated, so you don’t inhale too much of the solution.

If we come over to fix a leak or unclog your toilet, hopefully we’ll see a spotless shower!