Keep A Plumber’s Number in your Phone for an Emergency

This might seem like common sense, but still many people don’t follow it: keep an emergency plumber’s phone number programmed in your cell.

Now that everyone has smart phones, it is much easier to quickly find a plumbing business online. You can simply type “Los Angeles plumbing” into a Google search, and find plenty of great options.

But what do you really know about those businesses? In an emergency, like a flooding septic tank, you will not have enough time to read customer reviews, look at services offered, or compare rates. You can bypass that stress if you just do the research ahead of time and be prepared in the event that an emergency plumbing incident occurs.

And, if I can make a suggestion, Rooter Experts is a professional California plumbing company with fast response times and competitive rates. We can bail you out of an emergency situation and perform drain cleaning, HydroJetting, sewer replacement, and unclog toilets. So take down our phone number right now, just in case: 888-395-7117