Avoid These 5 Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer is a very social time of year. Everyone is outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, and wants to invite others to share in the good times. Of course, having more guests over can increase the workload of your plumbing. Here are some common plumbing problems, along with ways to avoid and rectify them.

1) Clogged Garbage Disposal

Summertime means an increase in outdoor barbequing. With a full party of guests, the hosts will be rushing around, preparing food. This often leads to throwing food scraps down the drain, rather than the garbage.

Hard foods, like corn cobs and watermelon rinds, are especially harmful. They can damage the blades of the garbage disposal. Oils, grease, and fat can also be bad by causing clogs.

Take your time to properly dispose of food waste and preserve your sink’s plumbing.

2) Toilets Getting Clogged

With extra house guests and kids out of school, your toilet will be working overtime. Make sure it is properly draining and immediately call a Los Angeles plumber if it gets plugged up.

3) Washing Machines Break Down

Can you believe how messy kids are? With the sun out, they are more prone to get dirt, blood, food, juice, and water on their clothes. If your washing machine could talk, it would beg you to take it easy. Run larger loads to conserve water, but don’t pack them too full. Move the machine to make sure none of your lines are leaking.

4) Increased Water Bills

The heat causes people to drink and use more water in the summer. You can keep your water bills in check by making sure that it gets turned off when not in use, which includes shutting off sprinklers and water hoses. Get your children in the habit of shutting off the outdoor hose after they are done playing.

5) Water is Too Hot

One common issue homeowners face is that their water heater is turned up too high. Make sure yours is below 120 degrees-Fahrenheit; that is plenty warm for tap water and showers.

Follow these tips and have a pleasant summer!